Friday, December 16, 2011

Nobody knows its empty....
ThiS smILe i weAr..
thE reAl oNe is left in thE past..
Bcoz u hAve left me there....

nObody knows im crying...
They wOnt evEn see my teArs..
whEn they think thAT my lAughiNg..
i stilL wishing u were herE..

nObody knows its painfuL...
thEy think that im strOng..
thEy sAy that this wOnt kill me..
buT i wonder if they were wrOng..

nobOdy knows im Praying..
tHat u will changE my miNd..
thEy think thAt i had leT u go..
when u leFt me beHind..

NobOdy knows I miss U..
tHey think i feel set frEE..
But i feel likE im bOund with chains..
Trapped in thE mystEry..

nobODY knows I need U..
tHey say I can do it on my Own..
but tHey dont know im crying..
whEn im all aloNe...


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